What is Vital Health Assessment?

Vital Health Assessment is a testing system which  helps  you discover what is going on in your body, and choose the perfect foods, diet and lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals.

Vital Health Assessment Helps You Discover:

  1. How vital is your body and how efficient it is operating.
  2. The specific foods, herbs and supplements – Which raise your body’s vitality.
  3. Your body’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Which of your body systems are overworked. Ie immune system, digestive system
  5. If your body is being burdened by toxicity, candida, heavy metals, and parasites.
  6. If your body being burdened by food sensitivities or environmental sensitivities.
  7. Do you need more protein or less.screen shot of carbs protien oils for vital health assessment
  8. What is the best essential fatty acid for you.
  9. What is the best exercise for you; yoga, swimming, running or walking.
  10. Does your body best deal with food that is raw, cooked or juiced.
  11. Is improper breathing lowering your vitality.

Vital Health Assessment measures the vitality in anything living. This vitality has also been called ‘life force’, ‘prana’, and ‘chi’.

For example:  A fresh apple looks appealing and vibrant and feels good when you put it in your body. An old apple looks soft, mushy, and  wouldn’t feel good to eat. We could say the fresh apple has more vitality.

Vital Health Assessment uses a specially designed Bio-computer operated by a trained experienced technician.

He has been doing assessments for over 20 years and we have personally overseen over 10,000 tests.   They are remarkably accurate and useful.

 Vital Health Assessment helps you achieve!

  • Simplify and Save! By knowing which specific foods, herbs and supplements increase your vitality, you can get more benefits with fewer costs.
  • Relax your mind knowing you are benefiting from the best possible health program, specifically tailored to your body’s strengths and weaknesses. End the constant wondering which of the hundreds of different supplements are really good for you.
  • Reduce unbalancing foods in your diet that are lowering your vitality and are perhaps creating sensitivities or allergies.
  • Economize your time and energy. Vital Assessment is available by simply mailing away a piece of hair. No appointments necessary. It is suitable for children of all ages. You will receive your reoport by email, and then can be reviewed with an expert, either by phone or in person.
  • Energize and feel great by nourishing your body with our suggested foods and supplements. Your body will then have the balance and energy to lose weight or better deal with specific health challenges.

How to get your Vital Health Assessment

1.   Download and print the application form from here: Vital Assessment Application Form

2.  Complete the fist page application form with your personal health information and sign at the bottom.
Be sure to print clearly your email address.

3.  Complete the second page by choosing which tests or services you wish.

4.  Pay for the services with your credit card with PayPal on the Vital Health Assessment Application page.

5.  Cut a hair sample (6 – 10 hairs – 1/2 to 1 inch) and enclose in a small plastic bag.

* testing not affected by coloring/bleaching.
* hair can be from any part of head.

6.  Enclose hair sample and page one and two of application to:

Vital Health Assessment
4816 – 143 Street
Edmonton Alberta, T6H 4C8

14 Responses to “What is Vital Health Assessment?”

  • Trudy:

    I personally have used this Vitality Analysis for years and love, love, love the results I have achieved with my health by following these easy steps to regeneration. I highly recommend this wonderful service to anyone who would like to improve their health and gain extra vitality and wellness.

  • jane hamilton:

    can i do this if i live in uk ?

    • randy:

      Yes you can get an assessment if you live in the UK. We have provided service to many people from that region. You have to expect perhaps a maximum one week delay in getting your results because of the initial extra mailing time for your application to reach us. Once it reaches us though, the process is the same .

  • Do you let other practitioners use this test for their clients? If so, how does one go about that?


    Kay Curtis
    Board Certified Nutritional Consultant and Educator

    • randy:

      Hi Kay

      Yes we do allow that. Ideally, the email address to send the results would have be yours.
      Then you could be responsible (if you wished) to explain the results.
      We could train you in that!

  • Cathy:

    Is this service still being provided; vital health assessment, thank you.

  • Carol:

    It has been a couple of months since a question has been posted, I wanted to verify if this service is still available. I need to improve my health and I am considering going gluten free among other things. My diet is very poor. Thank you.

    • randy:

      Hi Carol,
      Yes, this service is available!
      Much of our business has progressed from happy word or mouth customers which we end up servicing directly by email and phone.
      I have personally managed over 10,000 applications and results by hand.
      I therefor don’t monitor this website carefully but we definitely deal with application when they come in (by mail) and servicing afterwards.


  • Debbie:

    I do have a wheat sensitivity and allergy to dairy, will results be accurate
    if I have been gluten free for over a year.

    • randy:

      The results will be accurate for your body right now. SOME individuals who go gluten free for some time find that their sensitivity LESSENS. This is actually the hope; that by taking away the stress to the body that your digestion and whole body can strengthen so you body is more able to handle gluten or various grains. This varies with different people.

  • amelia:

    Hi. I just saw this post but it has been created for a long time. Is this service still available? thanks

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